About us

We’re on a mission to make international expansion easier for fast-growing companies.


We believe International is multi-local

We believe companies need to grow faster than ever, regardless of their size and maturity, because the digital world is borderless in essence. But that doesn’t mean borders don’t exist anymore: despite the global paradigm, local know-how & network is key.

We believe going global should not mean “starting all over again”. As not every entrepreneur has an international network nor the time to leverage, grow or even create it when they already have a business to run at home.

Above all we believe in you, entrepreneurs, ready to change the world. Because each and every startup should have the potential to be a global leader, in an easier, faster and safer way.

Our story


We co-founded W Project, a non-profit web media, focused on French entrepreneurs abroad. During 2 years, all the entrepreneurs we’ve met around the world told us how hard and time-consuming it is to start your business in a country where you don’t master the business codes & culture.


We founded mercurr in April of 2015, out of Paris, France & Hong-Kong, China. mercurr is a trusted professional marketplace for entrepreneurs to unlock local networks of vetted service providers around the world — online.


Today we’re helping more than 180 innovative and fast-growing companies set up shop, recruit, sell their products or acquire new users, in more than 20 markets all around the world. Thanks to a thriving community of local experts, the very best you could find, with whom we are incredibly lucky to work and spark great cross-border relationships.

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Thomas Nanterme

Bruno Barros

Edgar Roussille

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